Awake and still in buried dark
Wanting and waiting away.
The moon casts her shadowed mark
As time, her branches, sway.

Out upon where dire leaf
To withered branches clings,
And feels the bite of cold relief
That flies on wintry wings.

I wish the wind, her fearless dance,
Had made some wings for me.
A sleepless night is naught to glance
For one as ancient as she.

Yet here I am in all abound,
Wishing and waiting away,
Time to pass and hear the sound,
Of wind and the nightinga'e.

Oh fly! Oh fly! Oh fly away!
Above the snow-lit ground,
Over the winter and over the fray
And over and over the sound:

Of the wake and the still of the sleepless night,
Of the watching and waiting away,
Of the dreams and the tears recalled to sight,
Of the love I am losing in gray.

To a place in the night where town bells ring,
And the light from the doorway splits.
Where the arms of my trust recall to sing,
And the fire warms hearts and mitts.

But a dream and a poem is all I own,
In this waiting and waiting for day,
When all I can think is the love I've known
Is drifting and dreaming away.

Oh take me from the thoughts of night,
And wing me a'winding away!
To the time and place that you're in sight,
And the sleepless nights can't stay.

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